Four Ways an Open MRI Beats a Closed MRI

When some patients are told they have the open of getting an open MRI, they are confused as to its purpose. Patients wonder if there is some difference between a closed and open MRI. We are going to discuss four of the ways that an open MRI beats a closed MRI.

1. Best for the Majority of People

The patient experience is an important aspect of medical service. Not only must patients be helped with their ailments, but they should also have a pleasant experience whenever possible. And most patients who use an open MRI say it was a more comfortable experience than going through a closed MRI.

open MRI

2. Helps with Claustrophobia

A major issue for patients with closed MRIs is the fact they feel claustrophobic – as though they are trapped and not getting enough air. An open MRI takes care of those concerns as it is a far wider space.

3. Helpful for All Shapes and Sizes

Not every patient is the right shape and size for a closed MRI. Heavy set individuals may have an even worse experience in a closed MRI, especially if the sides are squishing up against their body. With an open MRI, those issues go away. The patient has a comfortable experience while they are being tested.

4. Better for Younger Children

Ask any parent of young children and they will talk about how it is hard to get their kid to sit still! Now imagine a young, antsy child inside a closed MRI. It is almost impossible to get proper cooperation.

The experience is much better with an open MRI. Parents are so grateful when they find out a medical facility has an open MRI machine, as their child can get tested with much less hassle.

While open MRIs are not perfect experiences for everyone, most patients report they had a better time while getting tested in them, compared to closed MRIs.